Potong Pasir is small housing estate located in the Northeast region of Singapore. The sloping roofs of the old housing blocks are iconic of the area.

How to go: Take the North East Line to Potong Pasir Station. 

Potong Pasir is notable for having been one of the few opposition wards and in particular, the longest-held opposition ward in Singapore. Due to this, it is speculated that the upgrading works and urban development in the town has been pushed back and residents have been left to live in less-desirable living conditions compared to those of other proposition-owned estates or towns.
In the 2011 elections, Potong Pasir lost its status as opposition ward and is now officially under the proposition, the People’s Action Party. A few friends and I took a photo walk around the town in 2011 to take in the last sights of the small town.

As we walked around the quiet neighbourhood and played at the rope playground situated between the iconic old blocks and McDonald’s, everyone was chatty and cheerful.
However, there was a sombre atmosphere as everyone seemed contemplative and thoughtful. Perhaps, in all of our minds, we were pondering: ‘What lies ahead for the residents of Potong Pasir?’,

‘How would this town look like in 5 years?’, and ‘What kind of future will unfold?’

Only time can tell.