19 April 2014

Happy easter weekend everyone! Hope you're having some well-deserved rest now. I've just returned this week from bali, with a lovely tan from the sun there. Here's a couple of outtakes from my trips, detailed reviews of hotels/b&bs, eateries and places to visit to come very soon!

Koh Lipe:



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15 April 2014

Hi there! I’m away again/still, but in bali now, for a relax and unwind trip with W…. Hopefully we get as much yoga done as I set out to achieve (instead of too much spa/massage!) Here’s a short picture post on the review of Singapore style ramen ($5.5-7.5) from Noodle story, a food stall located in Amoy food centre, just 10 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar mrt. 

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07 April 2014


Heya, how was your weekend? I'm currently away in Langkawi/Koh Lipe now… but here’s a small picture post to tide you over your Monday blues! The above photo is of t amazing sesame bun I have ever tasted in Singapore. 

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03 April 2014

Over the past weekend I had the fortune to attend the finale evening of the  wonderful Jazz by the beach on Friday evening at lovely Coastes, and Weddings by the sea by Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa. 

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24 March 2014

 Excited me in front of Nong before yoga class

Went for a refreshing rooftop yoga class this Saturday morning, at the quirky Nong, with Yun Ng of Stretch City. I had heard a lot about nong from friends and had been wanting to visit the place for ages. Though it’s only a short 15 minute’s walk from my club street office, procrastination got in the way… so…

When I first got wind of this class, I was really excited! Being able to attend Yun’s class, and to visit Nong at the same time- literally the best of both worlds! I knew I had to attend.  

 Nong is a lovely pop up farm/garden by the people behind edible gardens. What’s really interesting about the place is that they feature exhibitions, art displays, workshops and also a retail store in collaboration with Haystakt.

things for sale at Nong 

image credit to is-asia city 

store space that gives off a cheerful and rustic vibe

Their goal to so to bring the "Grow Your Own Food" movement closer to the local community via the means of workshops, activities for families and artisanal products made with love and respect for our earth. Past workshops they've done include fermentation (kimchi and A-cha making!) workshops and soap making workshops. 

image credit to honeycombers 

Their goal to so to bring the "Grow Your Own Food" movement closer to the local community via the means of workshops, activities for families and artisanal products made with love and respect for our earth. Past workshops they've done include fermentation (kimchi and A-cha making!) workshops and soap making workshops.

The thing i really love about Nong is how unpretentious everything is- the store is quirky and quaint without being over the top or falling over to the hipster category of hangouts. You can feel that the creators of Nong made and maintain this place with lots of love and  sincerity, and there is also a certain ‘down-to-earthness’ to the place that makes visitors feel very welcome.

We arrived around 1015, slightly before the start of class, to walk around and explore Nong. Around 1030, Liv ushered us to the open space to the left of Nong to get us to lay our mats out for class. The class was an invigorating flow class by Yun.
As we were in a sheltered yet open area, it made for a lovely flow class because we could feel the morning breeze from the north, but were shaded from the direct rays of the sun. The instrumental music played by Rupak give the class a really very zen and relaxing feel.

three-legged dog 

This was followed  by a little bit of fun AcroAcroyoga by regulars of Acroyoga Singapore. 
It was the first time I was trying acroyoga and I was really thrilled to be the flyer in the position ‘bird’, which is one of the more elementary acroyoga poses. 

 After the class we were welcomed into Nong to enjoy the smoodies by Lins smoodees, coffee, herb iced tea, and a wide range of food including crisps/chips, burgers and sandwiches by Simply Eden, a local store that specializes in wholesome, fresh and healthy foods.

As we weren't quite so hungry, i decided to get a red velvet cupcake from Simply Eden. The cupcake was moist and chewy and of a good consistency. It was slightly disappointing however that there wasn't any cream cheese on the inside or outside- i was hoping for a small surprise while biting into the center but didn't get any.

Overall we had a great time at the yogi brunch and yoga class at Nong. The setting is lovely, class was refreshing, food was wholesome and people were friendly and very chatty. 

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21 March 2014

There is a saying that goes- for breakfast you eat like a king, lunch you eat like a commoner, and dinner you eat like a pauper. The key to living a long and healthy life, aside from regular physical activity, is none other than your diet.
wide range of muesli to cater to your needs 

As i sometimes practice yoga in the mornings, and find it troublesome to prepare a smoothie or small snack before class, so i often do yoga on an empty stomach, shower, head to work then have breakfast at my desk, which usually consists of cereal (and maybe some fresh fruits e.g. banana, blueberries etc.). On Wednesday this week i had really wholesome breakfast, thanks to Mina & liili muesli & Stretch city

Berries Muesli comes with a variety of different berries including freeze dried blueberries, strawberries and wolfberries, corn flakes, seeds, and whole grain flakes. 
The technique of freeze drying the berries  preserves the nutrients, flavors and colors of the berries, and no preservatives are used

Berries muesli dry

I really love that a wide variety of berries and both oats, flakes, rice crisp and corn flakes are included. My personal preference is for my breakfast to look as enticing as possible and Berries Muesli, with it’s bright colours and mix of different ingredients with varying textures, some crunchy, some chewy, definitely fits the bill. 

I also like my breakfast oats/cereal to go with low fat milk or oat milk, because it makes chewing much easier and also gives a more rounded overall taste. This muesli went very well with my oat milk, both in terms of the texture and also it’s flavour. 

Berries muesli with milk 

At $2.50 for a single serving portion or about $16 for a refill/canister (450mg), Mina muesli is a pretty reasonably priced option for breakfast/a healthy snack. Also, having tried and really liked their berries option, I would definitely been keen to try their other flavours such as matccha, chocolate crunch and fruit cocktail.

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16 March 2014

Spent a laid-back sunday afternoon last week with good company at Commune cafe and Bistro in Millenia Walk enjoying some pretty good coffee and tasty cakes. 

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14 March 2014

A throw back to day 3, our last few hours (breakfast, checkout and to the airport) in hong kong during our whirlwind 3D2N trip there this year. For a review of visits and eats on the first two days, check out here and here. On our second night, we shifted to Tsim Sha Tsui and stayed in a cool design hostel/Inn called Just Inn, review at the end of the post. 

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11 March 2014

Just a back-dated post on the bf and my staycation experience at BIG hotel, located on middle road, a stone's throw away from Bugis and Dhoby Gaut mrt. We were fortunate to have won a 2D1N stay in their Deluxe room, with complimentary WIFI, Movies-on-Demand and 2-set breakfast, through their facebook page competition.

the spacious deluxe room 

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08 March 2014

Note: this is a back-dated review from 2013.
Spent aSaturday evening with the bf dining in the heartlands of Tampines at a small cozy bistro called iwannagetstuffed, followed by dessert at a gelato café called Mischief loves us just a few steps away.

Iwannagetstuffed is a small eatery located at the corner in a row of first storey shops along a void deck block. The ambience is cosy and laid-back, with warm and dimly lit lighting on the weekend we visited. When we arrived (after 8pm), the restaurant was rather busy, with only a few empty tables in the indoor seating area. 

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04 March 2014

A discussion with my colleague over good eats brought my attention back to the flood of photos stored in my phone. Had taken the food photos with the intention of reviewing them but never go round to it, then got busy, then forgot, blah blah…

anyway here’s my backlogged review post of various foods I’ve eaten over the last quarter of 2013 and the first 2 months of 2014, by alphabetical order (do a quick Control + F to find the relevant bit you're interested in as this will be a long post....)

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