Just a short one, because it's a holiday.
And kind of a private joke but i'm providing some background on it.
I have this friend, a phD in mechanical enginnering friend (call him Dr Huang, he's graduated now), he's the one who first introduced to me and lent me an SLR camera, the Nikon FE2. He's into all kinds of cameras and owns anything from Leica to Hasselblad to Rolleiflex. 
So right, this friend of mine. He often says he wants to go to Tibet, because he was inspired by the Movie '7 years in Tibet' (which starred brad pitt, if you didn't know).

And today i came across this photo 
image credit to Esquire 

And so i reposted it on his facebook,

W.H. Huang bring hasselblad and go tibet 7 years = this result

Haha. Don't you wish you looked as good holding a Hassey?