Recently i found out via Honeycombers about this moving vehicle that sells gourmet food.
Having experienced this and really enjoyed it whilst i was in the UK (during the Thames river festival, which i would probably do a blog post reviewing this later), I was really keen to try it out here.

Kerbside Gourmet is a nomadic truck that parks itself at a variety of places over the week (check it's facebook page for the schedule of timings of where it'll appear). The concept is simple- you purchase from the truck, then just dine wherever in the great outdoors that suits you. 
Today it was parked at Chillax at Tanglin, which is a small market right outside Tanglin Shopping Centre that sells a variety of more up-market goods (e.g. quality imported bags, shoes, kitchenware, wine, gourmet food)

Kerbside Gourmet's menu offers a small variety of dishes- 
More popular options include the dry laksa ($8), Japanese mentaiko pasta ($12) and Pea puree with egg ($8).
We had the dry laksa, mentaiko pasta and chicken leg served with peas and carrots. The chicken meat was tender and nicely done, but the mentaiko angel hair pasta was slightly disappointing- taste was too 'light' and we found it went down more like a salad than a main. Dry laksa was interesting and tasty, but could have been stronger in taste. 
It's worthwhile to try some of Kerbside's dishes whilst sitting outside in nice weather, or when they are parked at a bigger market such as Pasarbella but I would advise against visiting them at Chillax at Tanglin as there isn't a nice outdoor area to sit and eat and also the market is rather small and can be done with within 15 minutes. 

In the afternoon my friends and I made a visit to Uniqlo Pop-up store at 72-13 Mohamed Sultan road. 
The venue can be easily accessed via the free shuttle bus from City Hall MRT Exit B and Somerset MRT Exit B.

It's a special event in which they're launching the newest season's tees that are part of a collaboration with various artists and design collectives such as Lulu McGuiness and Laduree both overseas and locally. More details can be found here. Most of the tees are reasonably priced between $16-$27. 

There is also a mini exhibition and activities such as Shoot and Share with UT Camera (you dress yourself in Uniqlo clothes, take photos and they give you a badge with your photo on it) but my friends and I weren't keen to give it a shot. 

The event is on till tomorrow, 5th May Sunday, so drop by if you're in the area.