Just a couple of photos (taken by other people) to prove I wasn't mucking around doing nothing (aside from booking/stalking hotel websites/deals). And before you ask, no, that's not my dog, though I would love to get one.

'Look at me! my fleece is as white as snow' 
image credit to W. H. Huang

'Are you sure I don't look pregnant?'
Image credit to le boyfriend

We wanted to go for an open air drive-in screening, details here, which le boyfriend was finally free to attend and obliged. Alas when we reached they told us it was called off due to bad weather and we had to go somewhere else, so we went to.... Marina Barrage. Which wasn't that bad. Except the marginal utility of eating Garret's popcorn during a movie is nothing compared to that when it's consumed at a picnic location. 

Image credit to W. H. Huang

Now i will get to revealing where that sandy-sahara-like place in Southeast Asia is, sometime this week anyway... if you let me....book all my hotels and flights for July first. 0_0