Finally I'm done with my bookings for Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Seoul. Well the dude for the Taipei one hasn't replied yet but at least that's done. I'm really just relieved that at least for London I've got the company flat, which is nice...

For now my (end June-) July's looking like this:
Bangkok's a holiday while London is training, so it doesn't really count, but still...traveling is still traveling, regardless of the purpose. All this within a span of 1 month, I think I would probably collapse into a heap on the final flight back... talk about excellent timing.

'what time is it again?.. not that it matters...'
image credit to it's rightful owner

I'm imaging I would be totally sooooo jet-lagged from all the travelling... but yes I am still semi-excited at the prospect of travelling.... staying in new(ish) places, seeing new(ish) things...

I was doing what must have been the nth round of research on hotels/bnbs (where n--> infinity) and thought I was quite set on a few choices when I suddenly realised I'd forgotten all about airbnb and suddenly it opened up a world of new opportunities to me....

More hours of endless surfing. 

so yeah, If you hate anything mainstream (that's suits, corporate chain hotels, and swimming pools in a boring rectangle shape) then airbnb is for you. I haven't actually tried booking via it yet, but am going to do so for this trip and will write a review for it when I'm back.