Aaand! I"m back from the land of fresh air, mozzies, satisfying steamboat, amazingly sweet sweet corn and sour strawberries. Believe it or not but our gang of 8 actually lugged 40+ sweet corn back to SG. And I proudly declare it was worth it (well I had n=3 worth only).... 

For a detailed review of CH you can check out this, I visited with the boyfriend a year back. This trip was more of cheap and cheerful since it was with the gang and we all had different budgets. We did 4 a room (each had a bed! attached bathroom and balcony included :)) and it cost us only 40++ RM for 2 nights each... Great for families and large groups of friends! Leave a note if you want to know where. 

We also visited the Mossy forest- my shoe got stuck in the mud a grand total of n=3 times, and our friend CT (almost) got lost and got the rest of us pissed off because of his irresponsible behaviour but oh well, it all ended well and fine. 

Here are some photos I've shamelessly nipped from friends whilst I buy some time (mine aren't developed yet, and didn't shoot digital this time). 

On our coach awaiting the dreary 8 hour ride 

Windows Xp wallpaper- shot in New Zealand, but you can get yours in Cameron Highlands ;)

rolling hills at BOH tea plantation

the gang

and a totally unrelated photo of Miura Haruma with a Rolleiflex. because this blog is about photography.