Over the weekend the bf and I revisited Victor’s Kitchen. Victor’s kitchen is a small dim sum joint nestled in a corner of Sunshine plaza, 15 minutes walk away from Bugis or Dhoby Gaut mrt. 

How to go: It’s located inside sunshine plaza, along middle road and directly opposite BIG hotel, and very near NAFA. For a detailed map refer here. A couple of buses stop outside sunshine plaza e.g. 56, 64, 139, 147.
You can walk from Dhoby Gaut mrt (walk to cathay, then to POMO and peace centre. Cross the road from peace centre and keep walking straight for about 100 m and you’ll see sunshine plaza) or Bugis mrt (walk to the end of Bugis street, then turn left once you cross over to Burlington square and keep walking. You’ll pass by NAFA and a prata place before hitting a junction. Continue to walk straight across the junction, turn right and peace centre will be on your left).  

It used to be one of our favourite hangouts as it’s just a stone’s throw away from our friend’s place (he stays in Peace centre), but after it was featured on some newspaper, we got very sick of the swarming crowds and long queues, and went for alternative dim sum places instead (126 dim sum in geylang, swee choon in Jalan Besar).

swamped with crowds
Image credit to 4-the-love-of-food

The bf requested to revisit because after dining at Victor’s last week with a couple of friends, he came to the conclusion that there is no other affordably priced no-frills dim sum place that does Liu Sha Bao as well as victor’s. 

We went on a Sunday afternoon, around 3pm. The place was still quite full but we found seats immediately (had to share tables but it was fine, very typical Hong kong-style). Since my last visit their menu has shrinked substantially – there is now only 1 page of food items and a short list of drink options (compared to 2 pages long of food and drink options in the past). The must-haves i.e. Liu sha bao, Har Gao, Siew Mai, etc are still on the menu though. 

We had chee chong fun (Victor’s does it the soy sauce style, not the thick sweet sauce style), Carrot cake with XO sauce, Siew Mai, Har Gao, and 2 ‘long’ of Liu Shao Bao. The carrot cake with XO sauce is one of their signature dishes and is a must order! It's of a slightly more cake-y texture compared to Tim Ho Wan's carrot cake, but the bits of carrot strips with meat and the sauce blend together really well to give a nice savoury taste. 

yums sauce

I prefer the chee chong fun from 126 Dim sum as it’s more flavourful compared to victor’s but it’s down to your personal preference because they are two different types. For Har Gao however, Victor’s does it very nicely, with a lot of the prawn meat in a thinly wrapped translucent skin. 126 dim sum’s one has slightly thicker skin which can get a bit cloying. 

chunks of goodness

If you love milk tea, you must try their summer iced milk tea. It’s very rich and milky, but not overly-done- the taste of the tea is still very strong. Usually I find it a bit too sweet but the Sunday we had it the sweetness level was just right. For the Siew Mai I found 126’s one better than Victors- more tender and juicy.

The star of the meal was of course the Liu Shao Bao. No other words describe it better- heavenly. 
The bits of egg yolk floating inside the bun when you bite it open, and the way the egg yolk custard flows from the bun into your mouth… it’s just…. Amazing.

golden goodness

The taste is very rich, to the point of making one feel guilt-ridden (it’s quite oily!). Definitely not for those health-conscious/on a diet. 
If you’re looking for a place for good Liu Shao Bao, Victor’s Kitchen is a must-go. 

Happy diner