An image-heavy post with some details of the weekend that has just passed - a couple of meet ups, cheap eats and treats, and chit chat with the girls... 

bestie with affordable Art

Saturday, 23rd November

Went with Q to Virgin Active fitness gym for a trial session.

I didn’t intend to sign up for a membership since I already committed to a one year unlimited membership with Hom yoga, but was curious to find out more about Virgin Active since Q had been singing it’s praises ever since she went for her first session.

prepping for gym!

after changing into the pink and purple virgin active dry-fit tees... yes they provide clothes! for lazy gym goers who don't want to wash their own.

We first went upstairs so I could get my free full body analysis. Just stand on the machine barefoot, grip onto the handle bars and key in your height. Using your weight and via running a small current through your body, it calibrates your body fat, BMI and % muscles. Though I’m still quite a distance from my personal ideal weight., thankfully according to the machine I fall within the normal range. According to it I even need to gain 2.9 kg of muscle, and lose 2.4 kg of fat, netting a 0.5kg  weight gain!

I attended the anti-gravity yoga class, which was led by a middle aged female instructor with a less-than enviable figure, not to mention a unpleasant way of talking, which I only found out later.
She wasted 10-15 minutes trying to take attendance to make sure all who were present for class had booked for it beforehand, and then sighed when half the class raised their hands when she asked who was a beginner.

Majority of the class was spent with her talking and demonstrating various basic positions, whose names I’ve forgotten by now. The class attempted to do various basic inversion poses under her guidance, but Q and I were quite put off by how impatient she was, and how she clearly displayed her displeasure and had bad attitude towards some of the class members who had gotten the steps wrong.

studio where the antigravity yoga classes are held at

Following the class, Q was a little hungry so I got some mango granola while she got some pasta from the dining area. Their menu is very simply designed, and states clearly the amount of calories of every single item available for purchase- great for gym junkies who want to know how many calories to keep to after/before their workout! The lounge/dining area is very spacious, with a few ipads for members to use freely.

After lunch we had a go on the powerplates machines, which was quite cool! Q says that using it prior to workouts makes your workout more effective, supposedly because it loosens your fats so it’s easier to burn them off?!?
Doesn’t sound very plausible but it certainly did give me a good stretch/warmup my muscles before I hit the machines.

Had a relatively leisurely workout while rotating on various machines... then we rushed off to use the hot and cold room, and Q also took me to the salt room for a quick look, before our shower. Then we quickly left the gym because it was already closing time.

 molton brown bath gel, shampoo, conditioner

place to soak your feet and relax!

 layout of the area

 cold room, hot room and the bucket of cold water!

 cotton buds, hairdryer, molton brown lotion provided, salt room

refreshed after a shower!

Thereafter we popped by Tim Ho Wan for a quick dim sum fix. Ordered the standards minus all pork-related dim sum (basically 50% of the menu) as Q is still keeping to her promise of not eating pork (prayed at a temple for good grades under the promise of abstaining from pork for 3 months. Got the grades but is still pork-free 3 years on).

Mainly ordered the same things as my previous visit but this time we also ordered chee Cheong fun, which was surprisingly tasty – the watery soy sauce kind. I don’t know what else they put inside aside from the prawn – mustard? There’s a viscous sauce inside along with the prawn that gives it a very unique taste.

The other items were all rather average. Q ordered 2 of their ‘malay cakes’ for takeaway after being tempted by our table neighbours. I must say it looked very tasty indeed, but I was already much too full.

carrot cake 

fried prawn dumplings 

quivering gui hua gao

Sunday, 24th November

Brunch with the bestie at Hediard cafe at Tanglin, before heading to the affordable art fair. It's in a relatively obscure location, easy to miss!

iconic bright red menu and logo
The interior of the cafe was a bit dark but the windows let in a lot of natural light, which was nice. The bestie had the norweigian eggs ($18++), which was poached eggs with salmon, while i had the breakfast set ($19++). For drinks i had their signature iced tea, while the bestie had hot choclate which was very, very, very chocolatey. 

meh ice tea and very concentrated hot chocolate with 2 'sweets' by the side. very tasty

poached eggs were slightly above average

orange juice, hot chocolate and other stuff that came with the breakfast set

my choice of brioche and toast, with hediard's jams (very tasty)

Total bill came up to about $60 which was slightly pricey but reasonable considering the setting and quality and quantity of food served. 
After that we rushed off to see the affordable art fair! photos below. Artwork wasn't really that affordable for us poor commoners, but i suppose the collectors who swarmed the event looked quite satisfied. Good variety of different styles of art work available, and also wide range of prices- there was a piece going for $10,000, and we also caught a 'under $100' wall of art. 

Interesting small corner where they had the edible art movement, which engages visitors to smell the exhibits and write down their feelings or thoughts arising from the scents. 

Other different kinds of artwork ranging from contemporary, to cute-comic-like, to serious...

And that's it folks, that was my rather long weekend.