Note: this is a back-dated review from 2013.
Spent aSaturday evening with the bf dining in the heartlands of Tampines at a small cozy bistro called iwannagetstuffed, followed by dessert at a gelato café called Mischief loves us just a few steps away.

Iwannagetstuffed is a small eatery located at the corner in a row of first storey shops along a void deck block. The ambience is cosy and laid-back, with warm and dimly lit lighting on the weekend we visited. When we arrived (after 8pm), the restaurant was rather busy, with only a few empty tables in the indoor seating area. 

The staff tended to us promptly, providing us the menu for browsing. Behind our table we could see from the counter that they had salads, sandwiches and also cake slices for ordering. 

customer at the counter

cakes for sale 

As we were hungry, we quickly decided on our mains; i went with the chicken stew, wanting something more warm and soupy, whilst the bf went with the aglio olio pasta as he prefers oil-based pasta. While waiting for our food i realized each table was decorated with a small vase with brightly-coloured flowers in it that really brightened up the atmosphere.  

waiting for our food 

Seeing that they were busy tending to a huge table of more than 10, we were thinking that it would probably take ages for our food to arrive. We were pleasantly surprised when our food arrived within 15-20 minutes of ordering. My stew was really hot, and the bread was really good- cripsy crust/outer, and soft, fluffy goodness on the inside. I doused the bread into the stew and had a taste- it was really rich and full of flavour. The chicken meat inside the stew was also very tender, and generous portions of carrots and potato added a slight sweetness and gave more body to the flavour of the stew. 

The bf's aglio olio however, tasted rather average and was quite small in terms of it's portion size. 

Aglio Olio with chili flakes (added by the bf)

Overall we found the meal and dining experience to be pleasant and would be happy to return, considering it's comfortable atmosphere, proximity to my bf's place and also relatively affordable prices (total bill about $17 with a ice cream float). 

After dinner we decided to pop by the ice cream store next door to try out their gelato, seeing it was newly opened. 

It was our first time ordering at mischief loves us, and we were enticed by the wide variety of flavours they had available for trying. Eventually we decided on two premium flavours, durian and pistachio, and the bill came up to about $8+. The price for other normal flavours is cheaper, about $3 a scoop but we hadn't realised the difference till the cashier told us the amount. I was a bit shocked but since we had already ordered, we decided to just go with the order. Really expensive ice cream!

In terms of the indoor seating area, they have a couple of nice chairs and small tables for couples or small groups to eat there, but the walkway is very narrow. What is cute is that they have a glass/plastic wall for you to draw/write stuff on the wall for fun using their whiteboard markers, and also there's a cute fake grass mat for you to put your feet on if you like. 

The gelato tasted really good- the durian was very rich and creamy, and so was the pistachio, though the boyfriend found it too creamy and nutty for his liking. Overall though i like the flavours and taste, i would be hestitant to return due to the high prices.