A massive picture post on just 1 place, and also no review on Sun Moon Lake, because you can find 34567898764323456 reviews elsewhere, and because I love this place to bits, to me Sun Moon Lake has become all about this place, essentially.

my question is, where can I get one?....

Don't ask me where this is. If you don't know you should knock yourself on the head really.
I'm already slightly grouchy at having to share this (but this is too good to be kept a secret!!!)
Here's a timeline of what happened to us on our way here.... No pictures till we reached because we were so exhausted! (and scared)

2000?: we board what seems like the very last bus from taichung HSR station to Sun Moon Lake. We are incredibly grateful at being able to make it for the last bus, but are flustered and tired. We try to sleep, but the bus ride is long and there is a noisy family seated just a few rows behind us.

2015?: Eventually, Q falls asleep, and myself soon after.

2110: We're awoken by the sound of someone speaking loudly on what seems to be a mobile phone. I stirr, open my eyes slowly, look around and realise to my horror that it's the bus driver! 

The driver is holding his mobile phone and is engaged in a heated argument with a female who seems to be his wife/girlfriend. I pity him but secretly pray that despite being agitated, he will watch the road and drive carefully in the dark.

2130-2140: After what seems like forever, we finally reach Sun Moon Lake. We thank the driver and get off the bus. I check my confirmation email and realise to my horror the place's address is not written in the email. A friendly female who also got off the same stop tried to help us but didn't know where it was. We cross the road to the police station to try our luck

2140-2150: There is a huge dog sitting near the desk at the reception. HUGE. but i love huge dogs and so this wasn't a problem at all. But anyway we were too tired to care. Middle-aged officer didn't seem to know where the place was, just pointed us in the direction to the left and said it should be there. We decided to try our luck

2150-2155: We trudge down the road, looking left and right for the signboard to the minsu, I have nearly reached the post office when Qiuhan calls me back, saying she heard someone call, 'Miss Tan'? We look back and see a tall, medium-build man with big eyes and neat goatee, standing on the roadside calling my surname. He introduces himself as 小游, and he was the one who helped with my booking. He welcomes us inside. Later we find out that he has been waiting there for more than 2 hours!

He brings us into the minsu via the 'back entrance' through the pharmacy and takes us to our rooms (2nd floor) so we can settle down. He then sits us down at the dining/kitchen area on the first floor to explain to us  the minsu house rules, check in check out details, and provides us with a map of nearby attractions and details. Finding out that we had take the last bus in and not eaten dinner yet, he suggests that we can grab a bite at the 7-11, which is just located next door from the 'front entrance'.

Before we have even begun to stay at this place, Q and I have fallen in love with this minsu and it's owner already!!!! Needless to say, though it was only a short 2D1N stay, this was hands-down the best minsu we had stayed at for our entire 15 days Taiwan trip.

Just let me list a couple of reasons why:

1. The deco/architecture is lovely/amazing: The minsu was actually conceptualized by 朵妈and 朵爸 who are 小游's parents. They own the pharmacy, which is linked to the 'back door' of the minsu. Interestingly, the pharmacy, though on level ground at the road side, is actually the 2nd floor of the minsu from the 'main entrance'. The dining/kitchen is located on the 1st floor from the front door, and is considered basement from the pharmacy.

The place, though small (they only have 3 rooms, book in advance so you won't be disappointed!) has been designed and decorated very thoughtfully, with lots of greenery and even a koi pond near the entrance. The room, though not large was comfortable and very clean. The balcony we had was lovely, though we only sat there for a short period.

2. If you choose a minsu, choose it for the people- the people who run this place have put in so much love and effort into every single detail, you can tell. There's no photo to show their 'heart' but this hand made breakfast from 小游 says it all- just look at the presentation and effort put into it! And don't get me started on how incredible the 豆浆 is. best I've drank in a long time. 

3. If you are a cat lover, there is absolutely no reason not to stay here. here are cats EVERYWHERE!!!
Doris home is named after one of their late cats, a persian cat which passed away a few years back. I was chatting to 小游 and it seems their family is fond of dogs as well; they used to own one, but it passed away. They now have only 2 cats, nunu and 果酱.

Just check out some of my photos of the cat-related things they have amassed: 

lovely cat decor/wall painting in the dining room/kitchen


still a cat

their custom postcards <3


this cat is the best!!! 果酱~~~ 

It's hard not to come off as hard-selling this place, but my heart is bursting with fondness for this minsu. The only reason I convinced myself I should share about it is because 小游 is too kind, and that this is too awesome a place for cat lovers. 

So hey, if you find yourself planning a trip to sun moon lake, you know where to stay ;)