Since my childhood days I've always been a kid with immense dislike for the heat. I can't stand the hot weather here!.. It wasn't till when I grew up and started working and had to travel to cold places did I realise I can't stand the cold weather even more... but so, anyway, as a child, somehow, despite not having a clue about what it's like in real life, I always wanted to go to Iceland.

image credit to thecoolhunter

Now looking back, I suppose it's because a 6 year old probably thinks there's loads of ice in Iceland, which isn't wrong, but hey- there's actually more ice in Greenland, and greenery in Iceland, so I was misled... 

Despite this, Iceland remains my dream. Particularly blue lagoon, the paradise-like man-made geothermal pool that the country is famous for. I imagine, to be able to swim around in the beautiful blue waters, surrounded by icy cold surroundings.... it must be a surreal and out-of-this-world experience. 

(I hope) I'll be able to go there, someday.