Today marks the first day I’m embarking on what they call a ‘beautiful new habit’- I signed up for a package with the lovely Hom Yoga, called ‘Hot Journey’; the goal is basically for all members to complete 30 sessions of yoga within 30 days in the month of October.

Hom Yoga is a small, lovely boutique yoga studio with hot yoga facilities in a very intimate and quaint setting. It came highly recommended from Q as from her experience with them for the 1-week trial, they don’t employ any thing of hard sell tactics at all, and their prices and packages are stated clearly on their website, unlike other huge Yoga/fitness chains like True Yoga or Bikram Yoga.

The instructors and staff there also have a kind of sincerity you don’t usually find in other yoga chains. Also, their class sizes are typically n=20 or smaller, unlike the massive 30 or more for Bikram.

early in the morning in the near-empty shower room of the yoga studio 

in the studio changing room area

Today I got up at 230am, feeling worried that I wouldn’t be able to wake up in time, then went back to sleep and promptly sprang up at 535 at the sound of my first alarm. Walking from home to the train station took shorter than I imagined, and so I found myself at the studio at 630, a good 30 minutes early. Though I first came to know of this through Q, ironically today she skipped the first day of this because she’s not feeling well.

Having previously tried the 2 hour super class at Bikram, I thought that Hom Yoga’s 1 hour session Hot Hatha would be a breeze. Surprisingly it was not! Might have been the early hour which I am not at all used to, or the fact that I haven’t been actively exercising for the past few weeks- though I lasted the session and did fairly ok for most of the postures, I did feel I was pushed to my limit! It was a good challenge.

Upon completion of the first Hot journey lesson, all members are given a Hot journey pack by the Hom yoga staff, consisting of some goodies:

Hot journey pack!

goodies inside the pack

My pack included the following:
- O.NE. coconut juice/water
- Epsom salt (???)
- green tea bag x 1
- healthy breakfast bar
- thick wad of hot journey notes/tips
- $10 Hom Yoga gift voucher (for purchasing merchandise such as yoga wear, mats etc for sale at the reception)

It's a small but lethal pack of goodies that packs a nice punch to kickstart your hot journey! :)

feeling refreshed, ready for a long hard day of work ahead!
Overall, I feel really happy about taking this on- Having taken the first and most difficult step (waking up at 535am to leave home for Yoga!), and accomplished it, I’m really pleased with myself and feeling confident that I should be able to complete the rest of the 29 days of lessons in the next few weeks to come.

Aside from the classes though, I’m also trying to make a commitment to myself by also increasing my physical activity in general (walking to the train station and back from home), and eating more healthily (apples and granola/muesli for breakfast!) and in a more rational way (no binge eating, giving in to cravings).

healthy breakfast for Monday morning 

The eating part’s a bit difficult, this morning at 535am in a fit of panic I munched down 80% of a chocolate-coated croissant, despite already having packed breakfast. Yes, they are right that you shouldn't exercise on an empty stomach, but chocolate croissant in the morning is not the way to go….

Still, 29 days lie ahead, and I’m looking forward to taking them on.