While the bf and I were in Bangkok, we were recommended by the staff at our bnb to visit a place called Asiatique, the riverfront. Asiatique is a waterfront complex consisting of various stalls/units housing eateries and clothes/accessiores/furnishing stores.

How to go: you can take a taxi or ferry to saphan taksin stop and wait for a shuttle service (free) to pick you up from there. You can find further details here. Take note that majority of the stalls open from 5pm onwards and close by 10+ 11pm. Taxis will start to charge exorbitant rates and not go by the meter from evening onwards so be prepared to pay a little more if you want to stay late.

Review: We took a cab in the evening at around 7pm after our dinner from our bnb to Asiatique, and when we reached the crowds were already in full swing.

Before coming though, the staff at our bnb who previously worked at Asiatique warned us that 'oh, something 300baht, i sell 900baht at Asiatique', so we had already received more than sufficient warning that the prices would be hardly anything but friendly, and that rigorous bargaining was necessary. The staff however added that the ambience at Asiatique is 'very, very nice' and worth the trip down despite it being rather out of the way.

entrance area. 

Asiatique is segmented into various regions or zones, each with stalls that generally sell things belonging to a certain category (very much similar to Chaktuchak) such as homeware/furniture, women's clothes, men's clothes, bags & accessories etc. 

The entire place is huge and one could easily spend the entire day exploring the stores and still not have gone through all of them by the time they close. Map of the entire place can be found here

at the homeware/furniture section

even bikes are for sale 

Word has it that many of the independent designers who originally rented stalls at chaktuchak were wooed to set up shop at Asiatique when it first opened. As such many of the items for sale are one-of-a-kind and can't be found elsewhere, but one needs a discerning eye to be able to tell them apart from the other standard run of the mill items. 

get your fix of arty farty here 

men's wear 

walkway between 2 zones

shopping for men's t-shirts

satisfied with our purchases

Aside from shopping, one can dine at the one of many restaurants and food stalls available at Asiatique. for a full list of stalls/restaurants available refer here. Aside from dining, one can chill at the riverfront area or take a ride on the iconic ferris wheel. 

Icon of Asiatique

The bf and I had a great time at Asiatique and would recommend anyone to include it in their bangkok itinerary. With the wide range of different kinds of shopping and dining options available and it's unique setting, Asiatique is a great place to visit.