Eating in Bangkok is one of the key highlights of being there, much more so than shopping for $10 clothes, shoes and bags, in my humble opinion. In this post i review a small eatery called Deck at Arun Residence, a restaurant offering a beautiful view of Wat Arun, the temple of the Dawn.

How to go: Arun Residence is located in one of the small alleyways near the bangkok riverside. for detailed directions refer to their website here. the bf and i walked from our bed and breakfast (the asadang) located near Wat Pho and it took us about 10 minutes. If you are walking, we advise you print out this map and it will help you as it's easy to get lost. It's right at the end of an alley full of what looks like low-rise residential houses/buildings.

Note: Remember to make a reservation early so you can get a seat with temple view. Walk ins are limited to indoor seats, which would be a waste.

Review: I first read about this restaurant on tripadvisor and off various travel sites and decided to book a table for the bf and i to indulge a little (as this place is reasonable by SG standards but costly for BKK). We booked for a table at 6pm and arrived just a little ahead of time. We were welcomed at the reception/front desk and directed to the restaurant and up the stairs to the second floor seating area.

entrance of Arun Residence. Restaurant is to the left up a flight of stairs. 

Arun residence reception 

stairs up to second floor seating area 

We were slightly disappointed that we were seated in the middle area, from which we had a view of Wat Arun but it was semi-obstructed. Nevertheless we were hungry and so quickly made our selection from their menu, which had mostly thai-western fusion offerings. 
browsing the menu 

view to our right 

view to our left and indoor dining area

view of  Wat Arun, temple of dawn from the edge of 2nd storey dining area

The bf ordered the Tom Yam rice with fish (can't remember now but should have been salmon) whilst I had the green curry rice with basil leaf chicken. When our orders came we were ravenous and so quickly tucked in. The tom yam rice and green curry rice were both rather tasty but i was slightly disappointed with how dry the basil leaf chicken was. The bf's fish tasted alright. 

Tom Yam rice with fish

Green curry rice with basil leaf chicken

so hungry! 

The total bill added up to about 30 per pax as the bf ordered a beer as well. After dinning and his beer we explored the restaurant area. There's a bar on the 3rd floor and another area (presumably for private events) above that. The restroom is located inside the indoor dining area. 

happy diner

indoor dining area 

stairs up to 3rd floor 

Overall I would say it's a good dining experience- food was reasonable, prices acceptable by SG standards and the setting of the dinner very unique and romantic. However if you plan to visit do book well ahead and ask for a table near the edge of the 2nd floor so you can get good views of Wat Arun. After all, that's the whole point.