Made it past the halfway mark! :)

To be honest, when I started on this ‘journey’, I was quite sure I would make it. 
It was something like a leap of faith that I took – similar to the time when I shaved my head for Hair for Hope during my uni third-year; my solo volunteer experience in Yogjakarta at Jalin Merapi, and also my virgin backpacking experiencing with Jess in New Zealand. The uncertainty scared/scares me but excites me even more. 

If weeks 1 and 2 were about taking that first step, getting to know yourself better, then I guess this week is more about staying true to yourself, and being committed what you set out to achieve- the courage to carry on, stronger than before. 

This week I’ve been feeling slightly more lethargic than normal, because my discipline has kind of slipped and I wasn’t strict with myself in terms of my diet and also getting more rest/sleeping early. 

Attended a total of 3 hot flow classes this week from Monday to Wednesday- unintentionally, if not reluctantly, I would say. My first hot flow experience was so intimidating that it really made me feel belittled…however, on retrospect, this week wasn’t quite so bad, nor quite so daunting. I’m actually finding flow very therapeutic in the way I found Hot Hatha was initially. I suppose this means I am either growing stronger and/or getting better control/knowledge of my body and how I move. 

Just slightly more than a week left now :)