I’m realizing that there are fewer and fewer people coming to class on weekday mornings.
Classes on the first week of hot journey used to be almost full-with one session I recall, only having 2-3 empty mats!
For the past few days however, the class numbers ranged from 10-less than 20. I guess people are either switching around; attending more weekend classes/weekday evening classes, or got lazy/lost the motivation like Q. I do feel a little bad that originally it was Q who suggested this, but she’s kind of dropped out- currently now 6 classes behind!
She assures me that she’ll complete all 30 classes but I don’t think it’s a good idea at all to have so many backlogged classes and try to compensate for it afterwards.
It’s always better to be consistent and complete your day’s worth so you can form a good habit over the long run.

It’s rather unfortunate because she had that time of the month during the start of hot journey and missed 2 classes, then fell sick this week, missed another 2… and subsequently got lazy and missed 2 more.
However, having read the manual/notes from the hot journey pack, and also from my own beliefs- I always think that even if you’re feeling off, or slightly unwell, having your period etc, It’s always worth it to go for class/do your workout as you originally planned. Because exercise is good for your body; it’s good for you. You’ll always feel better afterwards.
And I’ve never gone to a class/did my workout and regretted it afterwards.

Also, as unbelievable as this sounds, I’m actually starting to enjoy yoga class in the early mornings.
Well, not really the having to wake up at 545am part (and having to sleep by 1030pm if not will end up feeling REAL tired in the morning), but rather the feeling of getting up early, chatting with my mom before she goes to work, and just sitting at the dining table, nibbling on a banana or a slice of bread and scrolling through my facebook looking at my feed, or just spacing out. The walk to the mrt station is also very nice- the air is cool and I don’t feel tired at all because it’s so early the sun’s not even out, and I seldom break into a sweat unless I’m walking really fast.

So there it is, don’t hesitate, just plunge into it. You’ll find you start to go deeper, deeper into things,
And before you realize it, you’re so deep it, it’s become a beautiful habit that you find effortless to maintain (my goal!)
Just 2 more lessons this week, then I’m almost halfway done.
There, it wasn’t that difficult, was it?