Another one of those things I'm post about so as to remind myself to get round to doing it. In recent years there's been this mad obsession with anything in a jar - prezzies, bath salts, drink concoctions, salads, cakes, desserts... you name it, there's something for it..

image credit to eatingbirdfood

At the now-defunct restaurant 15 minutes (near laselle school of the Arts) where I used to work part time while schooling, they had salads in a jar as well, and i often thought- what rubbish presentation! Because they gave you a plate to pour the stuff out into anyway.... which then makes the jar pretty much redundant. But hey- who doesn't like a pretty-looking salad in a jar?  :)

Here's a couple of pretty straightforward dummy salad-in-a-jar receipes. Looks easy enough, doesn't it?

for the whimsical

for avocado junkies like me! 

for those who like the salads tangy

Give this a shot if you're feeling something wholesome. Have a awesome Tuesday ahead!