I hate sour stuff. Like seriously. As a kid one of the most popular candies while i was growing up was Warheads. It was kind of like the in thing to actually like it, but despite how much it was associated with being part of the cooler crowd, I just refused to like it, or even be associated with it... most. horrid. sweet. ever. (Should it even be called a 'sweet' or candy?)

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So imagine my reaction when someone tells me that the easiest and (possibly) cheapest way to detox is to drink water with lemon juice- incredulous!
But hey, today i tried it (as part of the 21-day lemon detox), and it's actually really not so bad :) 
You have to drink it first thing in the morning; your palate is still 'clean' so the bit of zesty lemon with warm water is actually really quite refreshing. 

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I shan't elaborate on the detox since it's a repost, but just on the benefits of lemons alone, the list is endless. 
The huffington post shares here a couple of interesting and awesome things you should know about them. 

In restaurants you often see fruit-infused ice water being served. I've personally had it on quite a few occasions, at places like PS Cafe. The variations i've seen are those with grapefruit, lemon, orange, green apple and red apple being used. The result is a mild refreshing taste that clears your taste buds so you're ready to appreciate the flavours of whatever entree you're about to dig into. 

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During my university undergraduate days, i also recall having had a shot at cooking lemon with coke for a  hall friend when she was down with flu; afterwards she told me thankfully, that it was the only thing that kept her up during the 3 hour exam. 

unexpected lifesaver

On another occasion, inspired by some japanese shoujo manga i read eons ago, I had a shot at making lemon slices marinated in honey for the bf (that was while we were first dating) when he had a sore throat. The bf has a bit of a sour tooth so it was perfect for him. After brief sampling, the little sis also gave her mumble of approval and finished the remaining batch in the family fridge. 

very wholesome snack 

I guess despite having a dislike for lemons, I'm really curious to know what kinds of change it would make in my life (similar to the reason why i embarked on a 30 lessons in 30 days hot yoga challenge). Would i find my complexion cheaper? Would i find my digestion better? Would i (hopefully) find myself craving unhealthy/unwholesome food less?... Things like these..

If you're thinking of starting on the detox as well, here's another useful post on what you can do with the leftover lemon skin/grinds. Some i already had an inkling of, but some are just way too innovative! (refreshing toner or clothing stain remover!?!)