My first encounter with wellies was in London, a couple of years back when I was sent by my company there for training. I think it must have been autumn- there was a slight chill in the air, occasionally accompanied by alight drizzle; parkas, hoodie jackets and trench coats were aplenty, and so were wellies. 

The first time I set my eyes on a pair of hunter wellies, it was love at first sight. It was on a random pair of slender legs that I saw the wellies. I now can’t remember what colour they were, or what design (probably a dark colour like navy or black, in the original tall design), but I still remember that feeling of wanting them so badly.

In Singapore wellies aren't really considered to be practical footwear – despite being rainy, the weather is humid, making it rather uncomfortable and icky to be wearing boots.

Most people also associate wellington boots with less-desired lines of profession such as fishmongers or construction site workers; more famously the iconic TV character Phua Chu Kang, owner of a renovation business. Among children, when you mention rain boots some may think of Paddington bear in his classic red wellingtons.

Phua chu kang meets paddington bear- clash of the primary colours o_o

I’ve been in a dilemma ever since falling in love with hunter wellingtons – on the one hand they are really gorgeous, and great for the gloomy weather particulary during the monsoon period, however, I’m not quite sure if they’re comfortable for extended periods of wearing, expect that I might sweat a lot in them and they’re really pricey !!!($160++)

I had my chance when I saw the adjustable pair in green on They were having a 30% off storewide discount, which seemed to me a good deal. However after much deliberation I still decided not to purchase them, and shortly after they went out of stock (I attribute this to fate).

Now Isetan SG is having a crazy 40% off sale on all their hunter boots, meaning a pair of original tall ones now only cost just over $100, even cheaper than previously on

colours available at isetan 

I can’t make up my mind on what colour to get –

  • Red is striking and kind of cute, but so hard to match. Also i'm not sure if i want to look cute 
  • Black is a safe colour that was popularized by kate moss, and is versatile and very chic but I’m concerned I might look like a fishmonger in it (HC says I do)
  • Navy and green are other safe options since they are darker, but I’m not quite sure if I should purchase them. 

 trying out the navy and the red colour

I’ll have to make the decision tonight – i'm clueless as to how to match wellies with the rest of my outfit, but what i really want to look like is something like the following.... but we'll see how things go. Red wellies really looks impossible!