Been neglecting this blog far too much! just a selection of pic-spam quickie to buy time for this week. Detailed posts to follow this weekend, promise!

barely awake at the airport 

If you follow my blog you'd know I went to HK the weekend before. The long-suffering bf finally managed to leave shenzhen to meet up with me in HK. 1 week of rest and he's now back in reservist, followed by shenzhen again next week. Poor boy. 
Me on the other hand - busy busy busy! 
Detailed posts to follow this weekend, promise!

nesspresso at Justinn, Hong Kong

 cats at tai-o, hong kong 

cat at tai-o

vintage nostalgia at Lantau island

at Justinn, Hong Kong

Big Buddha, Lantau island

Yummy, at Lantau island


merry christmas, at Cat Socrates, Singapore

Unagi don, at Flying Squirrel 

Sashimi set, at Flying Squirrel