Our driver, Diamond :) 

Back from five days of lovely sun, loads of history and culture in the rustic Cambodia. Looking back, what i will miss the most in Cambodia is not the overrated Sunset upon Pnom Bakheng, not the amazingly delicious fish Amok, nor the very moving experience i had at the killing fields; the thing, or person i miss the most in Cambodia is our driver, Diamond. 

In a country stricken with poverty, people resort to all means and methods to cheat others, especially foreigners, of their money. In Phnom penh it is no different. We are extremely fortunate to have met such a simple and kind-hearted soul. 

During the 2 days he brought us around, he always patiently waited for us, kindly brought us to wherever we pleased, even very thoughtfully bought face masks for us to wear when the road to the killing fields got too dusty and dirty to bear. He never asked for an extra dollar, nor asked to be let off work earlier. 

On our last day, an unfortunate string of events led us to almost lose our precious driver. Luckily we found each other in the end, and he raced against the Phnom Penh rush hour traffic to make sure we could be in time to catch our flight. 

I am sad we didn't get to spend more time with him, or to exchange contacts, or even take a photo of his face. Wherever he is now, and in future, I wish him the best of luck, and hope he stays as he always is, the kind, 'blur', simple way he is now. 

If you ever take a tuktuk in Phnom penh, and you meet a driver with dark skin, messy hair, defined cheek bones, slightly crooked teeth and deep-set eyes, who introduces himself to you as 'Diamond', please smile and help us say hello to this kind man. :)