I've been keeping up a consistent yoga practice since I started yoga at Hom Yoga October last year. Influenced by my fashionable teachers and class mates, recently I've found myself spiraling deep into the oblivion that i call 'the search for the ultimate yoga top'. 
Well, it's not a sin to want to look pretty while doing yoga, isn't it? :)

Due to the hefty price tag on most of these labels, I've limited my purchases to once quarterly to prevent myself from overspending. While most yoginis keep to the mainstream brands like Lululemon, HipwidthOnzie and Teeki, I prefer buying my yoga apparel from smaller, lesser-known brands with more unique designs.  

A couple of I really love are:

Cross it tank by wellicious. 

Wellicious, an activewear brand from Europe, carries apparel in the most graceful and muted tones, with pastels and greys that flatter anyone. Their cross it tank comes from their latest collection- in a variety of colours such as brown, orange and poppy red. What i'm really digging is their beautiful pastel mandarin orange, which looks awfully lovely on their model. 

La-Veda one shoulder tank from Easyoga, can be purchased from Yog.
La-Veda Double straps tank by Easyoga

Easyoga is a brand from Taiwan that carries a variety yoga apparel in flattering cuts and colours. I already currently own their one shoulder toga top (above), which I purchased from a lovely e-store based in Singapore called Yog, with great customer service. The cut is really flattering, though i would say slightly looser around the torso/tummy area. The shelf bra is very well made and stays firmly, keeping you assured while you do your forward bends and inversions in class.  
After my really positive first purchase, I'm now looking to buy their other tops- in particular, their very classy looking double straps tank in black with grey/silver. Think it would look perfect for a brunch on a weekend before an afternoon class! 

I love nothing better than a good, comfy and flattering one shoulder top and have been dying to get one myself ever since reading/seeing this. KiraGrace, a brand from the US, has a variety of edgy yet sexy looking yoga tops that versatile and comfortable for stretching on the mat, but fashionable enough for a date night after. 

Open your heart cami by Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga carries yoga apparel in simple designs in bold, solid colours with a touch of mesh. Their open your heart cami is one of my favourites- it's classy as a normal top but the in-built shelf bra design makes it a great top for daily practice. The small cut out at the back oozes sexiness without making one look too indecent for the studio. 

double band tank by Cotton On

Synonymous with affordable/cheap apparel, cotton on has in recent years expanded it's clothing line to include activewear- brightly colour yoga tops, underwire sports bras and colour block capris. One of their more recent designs is reminiscent of an old Lululemon design- a sports bra underneath a banded loosely fit tank top. 
My experience shopping with Cotton on has been mixed- though the KIR bra which i purchased on sale is lovely and provides sufficient support for any kind of activity including high-impact sports like running, the yoga bra top which i purchased bled badly a couple of times during practice, leaving embarrassing pink stains on the white towel placed on my mat. Given the pretty design and reasonable price of this tank, I'm willing to take a second chance that this tank won't be quite as bad as the bra top.