This is a back-dated review of Affinity Yoga studio in Singapore. 

After completing October’s Hot Journey with Hom Yoga in 2013, I almost immediately signed for a year long unlimited package with them. I’m not sure why- even 20% discount off wasn’t that much, and it’s an awful lot to sign yourself up to commit to something for one whole year, but I didn’t want a lapse in my practice, and so I signed up. Within the same day however, by a stroke of good luck I won 20 free sessions of Yoga with Bych Yoga via their facebook promotion. In order not to let the unlimited package go to waste, I postponed the start date, waiting for the details of the Bych Yoga giveaway to come in (till now it still hasn’t!).

While waiting for the 20 free sessions to commence, in between during the weekends, I relaxed, did some regular light housework, went cycling with the bf and contemplated my future (yoga journey). Today I couldn’t wait any long and so I went for a free trial session with Affinity Yoga, a quaint boutique studio just a stone’s throw away from my office. The studio is just 2 minutes walk to Amoy food centre and about 10 minutes from raffles place mrt, making it a very convenient place to head to for a morning class. I arrived a rather early around 640 and was welcomed by the friendly Eric, owner of the studio. Despite only being there for a free trial, he was very friendly and even offered to lend a padlock when he found out I hadn’t brought one. I proceeded to the changing room, which, though small, was spacious and nicely decorated. The studio is a little small, with only one room for sessions, located right next to the reception table.

image credit to owner

Class started promptly at 7am. I was a little surprised that the fans in the room were kept on whilst the session (hot class) was on-going. Though I did find the class challenging, it was more because of my lapse in practice (I had been practising daily for an entire month, then stopped completely for almost half a week) and because Eric made us hold some of the postures longer than I was used to.

I liked that Eric was very clear with his instructions and sometimes also demonstrated the postures. However the room was only lukewarm at best, so I didn’t feel that I was worked as hard as I was before at Hom Yoga or at Bikram Yoga (True Yoga). The studio doesn’t seem to have a strict policy regarding latecomers/early leavers- I found it slightly distracting that some people left the class as early as 10 minutes before the end of it, or joined the class 10 minutes late.

instructor, Eric

Following the class, Eric guided all attendees to bow our heads and place our palms together in a ‘namaste’, then thanked us for joining him for the morning class.

There are loads of shower cubicles (more than 10 in total) so there was no need for a frantic rush after class to shower. The shower cubicles are quite spacious compared to the ones at Hom, and have 2 compartments/layers- the inner space is where you shower. The outer space, separated by another shower curtain, has a small tool where you can sit down and change into your clothes. It’s a thoughtful design and not like any of the studios I’ve been before. After I changed and prepped for work, I went to the reception counter to return the padlock, but Eric was no longer there. I said thanks to a staff who was cleaning/prepping the studio for the next class and left.

Overall I find that Affinity yoga gives off a really warm and friendly vibe. There is a kind of sincerity about the place and you can feel like the genuinely like yoga and are happy for you to practice with them. Importantly I also really liked that, similar to hom yoga, no hard-selling whatsoever was involved. The only slight dislike is that I didn’t find the rooms hot enough.

At present as I’m still exploring a couple of options, I haven’t signed for any package with them yet, but I might consider doing so in future.