There is a saying that goes- for breakfast you eat like a king, lunch you eat like a commoner, and dinner you eat like a pauper. The key to living a long and healthy life, aside from regular physical activity, is none other than your diet.
wide range of muesli to cater to your needs 

As i sometimes practice yoga in the mornings, and find it troublesome to prepare a smoothie or small snack before class, so i often do yoga on an empty stomach, shower, head to work then have breakfast at my desk, which usually consists of cereal (and maybe some fresh fruits e.g. banana, blueberries etc.). On Wednesday this week i had really wholesome breakfast, thanks to Mina & liili muesli & Stretch city

Berries Muesli comes with a variety of different berries including freeze dried blueberries, strawberries and wolfberries, corn flakes, seeds, and whole grain flakes. 
The technique of freeze drying the berries  preserves the nutrients, flavors and colors of the berries, and no preservatives are used

Berries muesli dry

I really love that a wide variety of berries and both oats, flakes, rice crisp and corn flakes are included. My personal preference is for my breakfast to look as enticing as possible and Berries Muesli, with it’s bright colours and mix of different ingredients with varying textures, some crunchy, some chewy, definitely fits the bill. 

I also like my breakfast oats/cereal to go with low fat milk or oat milk, because it makes chewing much easier and also gives a more rounded overall taste. This muesli went very well with my oat milk, both in terms of the texture and also it’s flavour. 

Berries muesli with milk 

At $2.50 for a single serving portion or about $16 for a refill/canister (450mg), Mina muesli is a pretty reasonably priced option for breakfast/a healthy snack. Also, having tried and really liked their berries option, I would definitely been keen to try their other flavours such as matccha, chocolate crunch and fruit cocktail.