Spent a laid-back sunday afternoon last week with good company at Commune cafe and Bistro in Millenia Walk enjoying some pretty good coffee and tasty cakes. 

The cafe is an extension of the original Commune lifestyle store and brand, offering modern-looking furniture and quirky decorative pieces. Located on the second floor of Millenia walk, with it's seating area split into 2 areas along the 'bridge' landings connecting two sides of the shopping area, it's difficult to miss. 
Image credit to cafehoppingsg

Image credit to SGopenrice

The café gives a very laid-back vibe- with use of dark wood, clear glass panels and very clean and well-defined lines. The drinks menu, with about 10 options available, including Café latte, espresso, machiato and caramel latte, is compact but offering a suitably wide enough range of options to cater to cafe-goers with different tastes. 

Image credit to cafehoppingsg

Due to the very open and 'bistro like' layout of the two seating areas, the maximum seating capacity of Commune café is only about 30. As such, on weekends it can be pretty difficult to secure a table especially if you are with a party of more than 4. 

Luckily just as i arrived, two ladies were preparing to leave, leaving for me a table for 4, which was perfect as i was waiting for my 3 other friends to arrive. After everyone arrived, we ordered our drinks at the order counter. 

tea drinks menu, image credit to commune cafe

coffee drinks menu, image credit to commune cafe

We decided to share a hot and cold drink amongst the four of us and went with the gibraltar latte and the iced mocha, as well as a couple of slices of cakes - the peanut cake/tart, red velvet cake and the carrot cake. Q got thirsty later and decided to order another drink and had the camomile dream tea, which was average tasting - suppose you can't expect much for tea that comes in the form of a tea bag.  

our drinks for the day 

The gibraltar latte is a slightly more concentrated version of the typical latte, and comes in a smaller serving size as well. For the iced mocha, it came in the typical Starbucks tall size. 
Both drinks were really good- the iced mocha was just the right blend of chocolatey goodness with that punch of caffeine, whilst for the latte, it was very aromatic, tasted rich and full of flavour. 

their signature hot and cold - iced mocha and gibraltar latte

Pleasantly surprised by the great coffee we had, we had really high expectations for the cakes as well and boy did they not disappoint! The peanut tart by far was my favourite- the biscuit or tart base was suitably crunchy/crumbly, whilst the peanut base and the cream topping blended together to give a really rich and creamy taste. For the red velvet cake, the velvet portion was dense and moist, and tasted really good when matched with the cream cheese layer.

peanut tart and red velvet cake 

The carrot cake was surprisingly good as well- very compact, rich in flavour with the right bit of sweetness provided by the cream cheese on top. Overall we agreed the carrot cake was comparable to that of Cedele's, which is very good.

We had a really pleasant experience dining at commune cafe and would return in a heartbeat. 
Given the slightly awkward seating arrangements however, i might reserve this for outings with smaller groups to make securing seats more convenient.