The past few weekends have been so busy- literally flying by! This weekend was mother's day; i had a nice time with my mom; how was yours? :) 

awkward smile with the mumsie :)

Just this sunday i went for a perfume workshop with bvlgari Singapore at the launch of their new scent, the Omnia Indian Garnet fragrance, thanks to Herworld Singapore and Bvlgari. They shared with us their new scent, the Omnia, which had a bit of a rich and musky scent with a faint bit for floral sweetness mixed in. The bvlgari signature perfume bottle is so pretty- in the shape of what looks like interlocking circles, forming an '8', the host told us it symbolizes eternity. 

They also had a mini quiz for us in which we had to match the scents of existing Bvlgari fragrances with their descriptions. Sadly mom and i didn't match it right, but we were still given complimentary goodie bags, each with a 2 session true yoga pass and a small solid perfume from Bvlgari. The entire workshop was in english so i had to translate for mom but hopefully she wasn't too bored. She seemed happy just to be out and about. 

Did some other things this weekend like an Iyengar yoga class with Lululemon Singapore, and am also trying out a yoga studio called master's yoga Sadhan in tanjong pagar that offers wall rope yoga, but more detailed reviews to come soon! 

In the meanwhile, hope everyone and your mom's have a blessed and happy mother's day!