I apologise for the really overdue post and lack of updates- my time has been totally swallowed up by my constant procrastination, not to mention the painful project from hell that has got me breaking out in cold sweat in the middle of my hotel room bed and waking up in the wee hours in the morning thinking that something horrid has gone wrong.... Just kidding.

here's a crazy photo of many pandas to prove my sincerity.

I was in hongkong last last weekend, but am now in Taipei (and will be heading to Seoul) for work and this project is no joke...
Just a couple of pictures to show i'm still (relatively) enjoying whatever free time.

good green tea cheesecake in a quaint and slightly snooty place
(drop me a line if you wanna know where ;)

hanging out one crowded hot saturday morning with 1600 pandas made of paper mache and 100000000 people there to see them 
(drop me a line if you wanna know where ;)

cute panda merchandise for suckers like me

who would you expect to see holding a concert and album signing? starstruck with 品冠
a homely wholesome weekend simple market at a place with great view of taipei 101
(drop me a line if you wanna know where ;)

yummy wholesome sesame black sugar bagel so hard you can hurl it and hurt someone 

yummy mala hotpot at a obscure location in east district, taipei.