Saphan phut night market, or Memorial Bridge night market, is a sprawling market named after the towering Memorial Bridge located in the heart of old bangkok. The night market is open from Tuesday to Sunday, with stalls setting up about 6pm onwards but the crowd going into full swing rom 9pm onwards till the wee hours  of 2, 3am.

How to go: the market is located at the area to the left of the flower market, right next to the memorial bridge, at where Maharat and Chakraphet road meet. It is within walking distance from Wat Pho, and a short 10-15 minute taxi ride from chinatown (Yaraowat). One can also take the river boat from the BTS Saphan Taksin station and alight at Saphan Phut pier and walk over (5mins walk) 

Frequented by mostly locals, the market offers buyers a wide range of cheaply priced goods, including secondhand or counterfeit branded items like handbags, t-shirts and accessories.  
Aside from goods, late night shoppers can also find various pushcarts or stalls selling snacks such as chicken wings, sausages or squid eggs. 

yums roadside snacks 

hot dogs and assorted munchies 

The bf and I visited on a Wednesday evening, arriving between 9-10pm.  By then all the stalls had opened and the shoppers there were already carrying bags of their shopping items, looking content. 
We spent about an hour combing through the stalls, and found a stall selling cheap men’s t-shirts and boxes for about $5. Nothing caught my eye as most of the ladies’ clothing designs were a bit dated or more of the revealing sort, so I didn’t make any purchase. After the bf made his purchase, we walked away from the crowds at the night market and took a stroll by the riverside. 

There are stairs from the side that lead up to the Memorial Bridge. If you walk along the bridge’s footpath, you can get a panoramic view of the Chao Phraya River. 

Following that, we crossed over to the 24 hours flower market, which is located just beside the saphan phut night market. At the market you can watch the locals busily wrapping/packing a wide variety of flowers, including the typical types used as offerings e.g. chrysanthemum, and also others such as lilies, roses, sunflowers etc. A

image credit to bangkok private tours 

Overall we had a good time at the night market, though I wouldn’t recommend it as a must-go night market for hard core shoppers. It’s quaint location by the bangkok riverside and the low prices of goods sold there, however, are huge draws, thus I would recommend you visit it if you are looking for a more alternative kind of shopping experience.