My goal. One day. 

They always say the first day is the hardest. Compared to the 1st session, Hot Hatha, I found the 2nd session of Hot Flow to be much harder to follow.

The instructor focused a lot on the breathing, and the ‘flow’ of movements from one posture to another, which was great, but for those who aren’t familiar with some postures, it’s difficult to keep up. I found myself looking around at other people a lot of the time, to check that my posture was correct, I was doing it the right way etc, so I didn’t really manage to get into the ‘flow’. Some of the postures covered in the class were also so difficult to get into and maintain! I suppose these things come with time and experience, but to that class was very technically difficult.

Today’s class, Hot Hom, was taught by an instructor called Monica. I liked the pace of the class (similar to Hot Hatha) and how the instructor taught us- emphasizing on getting the postures right e.g. squaring your hips, relaxing shoulders etc, then pushing ourselves further, and not just relaxing/giving up so easily. She was very good in the sense that aside from verbally mentioning the moves/postures, correcting our postures, she also demonstrated some of the ‘mistakes’ we made and told us not to give up so easily, and how to correct the mistakes etc. Overall during the class I did feel I was pushed beyond my comfort zone and very satisfied with how my body felt after the practice.

feeling content after yoga in the morning, followed by a good day's work

 After class today this morning Q and I had a nice chat, sitting at one of the benches just in front of the UOB building. There while we chatted, I watched people scurrying around hurriedly, rushing to work. Suddenly it reminded me of something a senior from my university hall once told me
‘my dream is to work in the CBD, in one of the tall buildings, to be one of those busy people walking around’

Yes, busy and important indeed. But sometimes I think, often, busily walking around, getting this and that done,
We sometimes forget what’s really important, and what really matters to us in life?

I don’t know about you, but personally I like the feeling of waking up at 545am in the morning, heading to yoga class, taking a shower and then slowly walking to work at my charming 2nd storey shop house office while watching these ‘busy’ and ‘important’ people rush to work in their cold, unfeeling towering office buildings.