image credit to ultimateinnercore

As with all things, the first week of hot journey wasn't easy. It was a pretty big step outside of my comfort zone- making that compromise to (try to) sleep early, and to get up for morning classes.
Q and I are lucky we have added financial motivation to attend the morning classes- since if we tap out before 745 the train fare is free.

That aside, I do feel that there is a strong intrinsic motivation to commit to this journey and to do well, to find myself, to find the right balance and strength. The photo of the 'model' standing bow above and one done by me below says it all- It's just the beginning. I am still a long way to go from being strong.

finding inner balance in standing bow position 

But despite it only being 6 days so far, am already starting to feel the changes in my body, my mindset, my lifestyle. I am already starting to feel more comfortable with/in my own body, and more confident of how i walk, how i look, how i embrace my life. 

It's hard to explain exactly why, but i attribute this to my mentality of really wanting to make this work. It's been difficult-struggling with my body image, my discontent with how I look/perceive myself, and the disparity between who i am and who i want to be. 
I've tried so many times to make that pivotal change in my life, but never really succeeded.
I really wanna make that change this time.

I am going to, I know i will.