sunrise at raffles place

Though this is merely my second week of Hot Journey, it feels like I’ve been like this for forever!
Yesterday I went for my dreaded 2nd class of Hot flow, which surprisingly was less challenging and hard to tough it out than I thought.

The instructor, Daphne, led a very energetic yet challenging class, helping us to build into stronger, deeper stretches and postures.
I found that by the end of the class I was very energized and content with my body and how I felt.

Today I felt a bit more lethargic and found myself actually hesitating for 3 seconds whether to skip class or not. Luckily I quickly shook away the thought and got changed quickly for class. Feeling that I might be a bit down today, I give in a little and had something quite sweet and sinful for breakfast-2 mini chewy juniors from a huge box my sister bought last week. Though it did make me feel slightly guilty, the rush of sugar to my body did help and I found myself much more cheerful and looking forward to class.

June led the Hot Hatha class today, which was difficult but still within my ability. Some postures I found I could try to push myself further, deeper to reach a better stretch, others like the half bow, were so difficult! Q and I were discussing about which instructors we liked, and Q said she likes Daphne, and I agree that she’s a really nice and good instructor. Personally I like June because her voice and the way she carries herself is so calm and at ease. I also love how she’s always saying ‘soften your shoulders, soften your face’, because it’s almost immediately that I realise, while trying to push myself further, my shoulders have come up and my face has scrunched up, my brows furrowed and forehead in a frown. It’s during her class that I’m constantly reminded to try to go further, deeper, whilst still remaining serene and at ease (if possible!)
I came out of class feeling calm and at peace with myself.

in the locker room/wash area before class

22 more fun-filled days to go :)