Before you think that I’m becoming a bit of a fitness nut, you’d be happy to know that I still indulge in my desserts and have that not-so-frequent sugar-loaded tea tarik after lunch.
I have, however, been committed for a period of time to various small lifestyle changes- like taking the daily 15-20 minute trudge/hike from my home to the train station, and taking the stairs only from the ground floor to my 6th floor home.

The following however, brings lifestyle changes to a whole new level- squats for a train ride!


Great way to encourage the masses to keep fit :)
Being a yogi, I’m really tickled by the idea of this! I also think this could potentially be lots of fun if replaced with ukatasana (chair pose) or awkward pose, great way to strengthen the core and legs! 

I’d be happy if SMRT would implement this, but it’d only happen in my dreams or some weird alternate reality I imagine!