Ever since first hearing about juice cleanses (in particular Sana Cleanse) in the earlier part of this year through Honeycombers, I’ve always wanted to try a proper juice cleanse, but have been so put off by the cost (more than $300!) that I've just shelved the notion to the back of my head. Also, aside from cost, the idea of being deprived of solid food/things to chew on for 3 entire days scares me- I’m really worried that I would not be able to keep it up, lapsing by day 2, or just launch into massive rounds of binge eating once the cleanse is over....

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Sana cleanse had a special package to commemorate St Patrick’s day this year, called the St Pat’s Six, which was a twist on their usual Sana six pack – pack of 6 juices; 2 types each of Green Smoothie, and Green Lemon. It was going for a special price at $75 excluding delivery (self-collection available), which I considered was still a reasonable deal, and also a good way for me to test waters.

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From confirming my orders via email, to picking up the packs at their ‘store’, everything was a breeze. The staff were friendly and very cheerful. I also really liked that they send you emails prior to the ‘cleanse’, providing tidbits on how to maximize your cleanse etc.

Also during the period I purchased my first pack of six, they had a promotion – if you liked them on facebook and posted a status regarding it they would give you a free box of pukka organic tea along with your cleanse/six pack. The tea i received was lemongrass and ginger, which was a bit to zesty for my taste (think very strong ginger taste), but still a gesture from Sana cleanse.

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Regarding the juices themselves…
I found the green smoothie really tasty and not difficult at all to stomach. It has a very full taste, and is thicker in texture, with a slight tinge of sweetness from what must have been… (don’t take my word for it but, maybe mango? And banana? And other healthy green stuff.

Green lemon however was much more liquid-like, with a suspension-like appearance – there are green bits that tend to settle to the bottom of the bottle after some time. The taste of the juice is really tangy, with lemon, and maybe ginger? I found 3 bottles of that stuff really tough to stomach, but managed to finish it somehow.

Currently I’m still contemplating going on an official juice cleanse, having had a mixed experience after my Sana six St Patrick’s juices…
For those of you who are thinking of taking the plunge, here are a couple of options for juice cleanses:

Sana Cleanse
Offers 6 packs, 3 day cleanses and 5 day cleanses, with the option of delivery. Their juices include smoothies, nutmilks and green juices. 
Juices are cold-pressed, they say this helps lock in the vitamins and nutrients
A 3 day cleanse costs from $320-340 depending on the ‘level’ of cleanse (types of juices included)
Lins Smoodees
Offers 3 types of juices (Greenhorn, Popeye, Peter Pan) with the option of a single smoodee order, or orders for 2 weeks with the option of delivery. They grow their organic greens & herbs, organic local and seasonal whole fruits using filtered alkaline water. No milk or sugar is added to their drinks. They have a store/showroom at China Square where you can order single smoodee orders.
Currently they are having a soft launch of their 3 day liquid cleanse in collaboration with Space and Light yoga studio.
A 3 day liquid cleanse costs $220 (soft launch price), inclusive of a briefing and 3 yoga sessions at Space and Light.

Lucky you 
Offers juice packs and also 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 day juice cleanses, with the option of delivery.
Juices are cold pressed and made from fresh organic fruits, greens and ingredients.
A 3 day juice cleanse costs $330 with the option of delivery.

Mission Juice 
Offers single juices at the stall at ICON near tanjong pagar.  They also have a Mission Juice Cleanse Journey, where you get 5 different juices delivered to you over 20 or 60 days
Juices are cold pressed, are thicker, more delicious, and contains more enzymes and vitamins
A 20 day juice cleanse costs $90 with free delivery daily

Beauty Cleanse
They have available various cleanse plans like beauty boost, bride-me-up and skinny genes, as well as packs of 6 juices available to supplement your current diet plan. The fresh organic juices are made using the Norwalk Cold-Pressed Juicer and are entirely 100% Organic, Raw (Unpasteurized), Vegan & Gluten-Free.

A 3 day cleanse costs $315 (without supplements)with the option of delivery.

image credit to intheloop.com.sg

Affinity Yoga studio
Studio focusing primarily on Hot Yoga. They also organize retreats and more recently, raw food and juice fasts.
They are having a 7-day juice fast on the following dates: 23-29th Nov

A couple more juice options here from Honeycombers